Cees van Stee is a sustainability expert who creates award-winning sustainability agriculture and aquaculture programs in a mission-driven organization (Rexil Group).Cees started his mechanical engineering education at the Dutch Technical University of Delft. After graduating with a specialty in nuclear engineering MSc, he started his career in Oil and Gas at Shell and then in Exxon. Cees worked with Exxon Mobil for over 20 years and began his own company in fuel distribution in The Netherlands and Belgium in 2005. Since then, Cees got involved in agriculture in 2010 and has dedicated himself entirely to agriculture and the green movement. He became CEO of Rexil Group in 2013 and led ReXil Agro’s innovative biostimulants technology into new paths, applications, and blue-green circular economy.
He played a crucial part in creating an industry-leading sustainability strategy based on the Blue-Green economy. Capable of blending big-picture viewpoints with tactical consideration and creative financing to influence various stakeholders. A proven leader with strong interpersonal skills to develop networks, build consensus, prioritize effectively, and create partnerships across the organization and supply chain.